Who Is Jesus? – Let’s Be Honest

August 6, 2017

All too often, we approach God with fear and trembling attempting to hide our faults and shortcomings.  Jesus invites us to honest, finding the healing transformation that only comes through confession and repentance.

Who Is Jesus: The God Who Saves

July 16, 2017

Pastor Tim Thomas continues our “Who Is Jesus?” sermon series with an invitation to rejoice in the truth that no matter who we are, where we are or what we have done, Jesus is the God who saves.

No Condemnation!

March 19, 2017

Pastor James St. John, going live on Facebook, helps us see the transforming power of Jesus in the face of guilt and condemnation. This, in our continuing series, “Transformation: Jesus IS the Difference.”

Experiencing the Power of God’s Grace at His Table

October 20, 2016

Pastor James St. John, continuing our series, “Together: Experiencing the Power of God in Church,” focuses on the gathering of the church at the Lord’s Table as means of His grace.

Called Together

September 11, 2016

Pastor Tim Thomas introduces our new series, “Together,” focusing our thoughts on God’s call for us to experience His grace and power, gathered as a body of believers. We are the Church and we’re better, together.

The Transforming Power of Love

July 24, 2016

Pastor Tim Thomas continues our The Power to Change series, focusing on the call to love…an action word, not a mere sentiment or philosophy.

Our Freedom Begins With God’s Hospitality

July 4, 2016

At the very foundation of our liberty is hospitality. This is true for every citizen of the Kingdom of God. Pastor James continues our “The Power to Change,” series challenging us to be a living example of the hospitality of Jesus.