Who is Jesus?: The Power of the Gospel

September 17, 2017

Jesus is…  We can fill that blank with many descriptive words and phrases.  Most importantly, though, is the fact that Jesus is the power of the gospel.  It is His life, in us, that empower change…that transformation that is not possible apart from His intervention in our lives.

Who Is Jesus: The God Who Saves

July 16, 2017

Pastor Tim Thomas continues our “Who Is Jesus?” sermon series with an invitation to rejoice in the truth that no matter who we are, where we are or what we have done, Jesus is the God who saves.

Live The Story

April 30, 2017

We all love stories.  Some of our most memorable moments involve the telling of stories, in books, movies or at bedtime.  What kind of story are you telling?  What kind of life are you living?  Pastor James St. John challenges us to live the story we want to tell, asking us to consider what we

The Transforming Power of Penance – August 7, 2016 AM

August 7, 2016

Pastor James St. John, continuing our series, “The Power to Change,” and using Zaccheus as our model, challenges us to move beyond forgiveness, allowing God to heal broken hearts and relationships through restitution and penance.

What’s Your Response?

April 17, 2016

How do you respond to the gospel? Do you respond with rebellion? Do you respond with repentance and faith? Pastor James St. John, sharing a few powerful testimonies of how people responded to the gospel in China, challenges us to respond as God intends. (by the way, Pastor James mis-spoke about the total of the