Bibles For China – A Testimony – May 2017

When landing in Beijing and going through customs I looked around to see who was there that I could visit with, just because that’s pretty much who I am. Right there in front of me in line was Sim. Now this is a big deal for me. She had landed from Singapore and I had flown from Chicago. My flight was early so in my opinion for the two of us to be standing in line together was an added blessing from God. We were able to get our luggage and then meet other members of our team who were coming from Beijing and Ohio for us to all be together for five days serving as members of the Bibles for China team that would be distributing Bibles in rural China.

Sim has been with us on other trips and to have her join us and be an encouragement to both the Chinese community and our team has been a wonderful experience for her as well as for the rest of us. She comes to be with us at her own expense because of a dedicated heart for her love of the Bible and His people. She feels that the Lord has placed a call upon her life to be one who makes a difference in the world. We thank God that she has a willingness to show up where the Lord is moving and make herself available with a heart of love, joy and passion for serving.

I asked Sim the question. Tell us about how you heard about Bibles for China and why do you join us? Her reply is as follows:

Sim’s words. “I came across Bibles for China when I was searching online for opportunities to do mission work in China. God led me to search for mission opportunities in China because of previous experiences ministering to the mainland Chinese during a short missions course I did in Hong Kong 2 years ago. Also, China has a very special place in my heart because although I am a Singaporean, my ancestors came from Fujian province in China. During my trips with Bibles for China, God opened my eyes to see His heart for the Chinese. I have also been greatly encouraged by the many amazing testimonies shared by the Chinese Christians, especially of those who stay in the more rural parts of China – how despite them staying a few hours away from the nearest church, they still continue to go to their church to worship and serve God faithfully.” Sim does make a difference.

Maybe the Lord is asking you to be a Sim for the ministry. Pray with us as many from various parts of our world are asking “What or how would I do what the Lord is laying on my heart that needs my involvement.” We just have just finished a wonderful trip where we sensed the leadership of the Lord and his affirmation toward Bibles for China in keeping our mandate crisp and focused on “A passion for Bibles. A heart for China”. Together with you, we are blessed when we are in the center of His will.

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Boast About Jesus!

Last night, we had a good time, gathered as the church.

We sang great songs of testimony…focused on redemption, forgiveness, deliverance and faith.

Who was the focus?  Jesus.

We heard great testimonies.  People boasted about what Jesus means to them and what Jesus has done for them.

These songs and testimonies would be labeled, by some, as sentimentalism, having little to do with genuine faith.  I beg to differ.  We shared our story, individually and corporately.  In that, we shared God’s story, together.

Now’s your opportunity.  I want to invite you to boast about Jesus in the comments section.  Share your story.  It doesn’t have to be sensational.  In fact, keeping it simple may be the key to keeping the focus properly in the one who is worthy, Jesus.  Go!

Declaring His Glory…

I will give You thanks in the great assembly; I will praise You
among many people. – Psalm 35:18

I have had the privilege of participating in the Crossroads Pregnancy Center Banquet, many times.  At one particular event, a recent client of Crossroads stood by the side of her client assistant and gave thanks to God for the love, acceptance and counsel that she had received. Another client assistant shared her personal story about how God had led her to step out of her comfort zone to share His love with clients coming to receive help at the center. In those precious moments, as these ladies shared their heart and gratitude, God showed Himself.

We, too often, underestimate the power of thanks and praise “in the great assembly.” In those times, when God’s people witness the intersection of God’s glory with the lives of ordinary people, powerful things take place.

1. The unbeliever sees the truth lived out.
2. The immature see the reality of faith.
3. The weak are made strong.
4. The discouraged find courage again.
5. The suffering experience hope.

It is time for each of us to become more committed to sharing our God appointments and interventions. When we do that, we will see more of God’s glory revealed in and through us.

Prior to the start of the banquet, one client expressed some fear about standing in front of such a large group. I am glad she overcame. I left the banquet changed because of it.

Give Thanks!

Tell Your Story!

Oh, give thanks to the LORD! Call upon His name; Make known His
deeds among the peoples! – Psalm105:1

We have recently heard a great testimony of God’s grace and transforming power in the life of a brother, Grayson Norris. He stood before us, giving witness to the powerful way in which God has delivered him from the bondage of a 10+ year drug and alcohol addiction. Even if you don’t know Grayson, you cannot help but rejoice to hear the words, “I am FREE!”

The testimonies of God’s people really charge my batteries. I cannot wait to hear how God is working in others’ lives. It is no wonder there are so many places in Scripture where we are commanded to tell about the works of the Lord in our lives.

In Psalm 105, God’s people are told to give thanks, to call upon the name of the Lord and testify! The rest of the Psalm does just that. It stands as a reminder to God’s people of His divine intervention on their behalf.

Think today about how God has intervened in your life. His deliverance and provision are complete…and you are a living breathing testimony of that. Have you shared that testimony with anyone, recently? Have you taken the opportunity to stand and give thanks to God for what he has done? Yours may be the testimony that God uses to create a time of breakthrough for someone else. It just may be that there is someone waiting to hear your story…to give them the inspiration to believe God is more than able to deliver and provide for them. Think about it. Give Thanks!

UPDATE: Grayson recently celebrated his 9 months of sobriety and has been asked to become a leader in a local Celebrate Recovery program.

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