Walking in the Power of the Holy Spirit

June 4, 2017

Pastor Tim Thomas, in celebration of Pentecost Sunday, challenges us to remember the power of the Holy Spirit for the individual believer and the Church.

Our Hope Remains in Jesus

November 6, 2016

Pastor Tim Thomas encourages the body to not be overcome by fear, worry and confusion in the midst of an election. Our hope is not in who is elected president, or the force of political parties or policy. Our hope is built on Jesus…nothing less.

We Stand, Together

October 30, 2016

Pastor Tim Thomas completes our series, “Together: Experiencing God’s Power in the Church,” encouraging each of us to stand together, encouraging and building up, reflecting the servant leadership of Jesus.

Experiencing The Power of God Through Scripture

September 25, 2016

Pastor Tim Thomas continues our series, “Together: Experiencing the Power of God in the Church,” focusing on the power of sharing scripture, together.

Together, We Pray

September 18, 2016

Pastor Tim Thomas, continuing our series, “Together: Experiencing God’s Power in the Church,” focuses our thoughts on the enormous value of praying together.

Called Together

September 11, 2016

Pastor Tim Thomas introduces our new series, “Together,” focusing our thoughts on God’s call for us to experience His grace and power, gathered as a body of believers. We are the Church and we’re better, together.

Be The Church! – May 1, 2016 AM

May 1, 2016

Pastor Tim Thomas, having covered what the church is NOT, last week, gives insight into what we are, as the church, the body of Christ.