Who Is Jesus? – A Much Needed Savior

August 13, 2017

Jesus Saves!  We all need a Savior.  No matter our economic condition, race, nationality, current circumstances…we all are in need of our great Savior, Jesus.  Pastor Tim continues our sermon series, “Who is Jesus?”

Our Faithful Father

June 18, 2017

Pastor James St. John reminds us of the faithfulness of our Father, God.  His faithfulness and love challenges and inspires as we reflect on the provision and power of God to live in victory.

The Power of Love

December 18, 2016

Pastor Tim Thomas invites us to look at the report of Matthew concerning the birth of Jesus.  There, within the report of the circumstances of Jesus birth, is a ready demonstration of righteousness defined by love.  As we look at the thoughts and actions of Joseph, we see love demonstrated.  Then, we see the loving

What does it mean for Jesus to be King?

November 20, 2016

Pastor James St. John challenges us to consider what it means for Jesus to be King. What did it cost Him? What must it mean to us? If He is King, how then must we live? Taking a look at Philippians 1:27-2:11, we examine an ancient hymn and the conduct of a kingdom citizen.

Experiencing the Power of God in Testimony

October 9, 2016

Pastor Tim Thomas continues our series, “Together: Experiencing the Power of God in the Church,” focusing on the power of our testimony.  No doubt, the gospel is the power of God for salvation for all who believe.  That does not negate the experience of God’s power through the testimony of a transformed life.

The Transforming Power of Love

July 24, 2016

Pastor Tim Thomas continues our The Power to Change series, focusing on the call to love…an action word, not a mere sentiment or philosophy.

Love Never Fails – June 12, 2016 PM

June 12, 2016

Pastor James St. John reflects on the unfailing Love, described for us in 1 Corinthians 13, as he finishes our series, “Love is a Wonderful Thing.”