Who Is Jesus?: Our Righteous Judge

July 23, 2017

Pastor Tim Thomas, continuing our series, “Who is Jesus?” deals with the fact that Jesus, alone, can and will judge us.

Who Is Jesus?: What Difference Does It Make?

July 2, 2017

Pastor James St. John begins our series, “Who is Jesus?” asking the question, “What difference does it make?” Does it matter what we believe about Jesus, His ministry, His death or His resurrection? Does it matter what we believe about Jesus, at all?

The Call to Christian Giving

April 23, 2017

Do you tithe?  Pastor Tim Thomas asks the question, “Are we required to tithe?”  The answer to that question might surprise you.  Watch/listen to see what the Bible has to say to Christians about giving.

Hiding and Seeking: The Power of Secrecy – June 19, 2016 AM

June 19, 2016

Pastor James St. John walks us through Jesus mandates for secrecy in the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5.  At first glance, it might seem that Jesus is speaking from both sides of His mouth, encouraging us to be salt and light, on one hand, and then telling us to keep our good works

What the Church is NOT – April 24, 2016 AM

April 24, 2016

Pastor Tim begins a two-part series, “Be The Church,” discussing what the church is NOT.

Love & Influence – April 17, 2016 PM

April 17, 2016

Heidi Thomas shares the vision of God for us to bear much fruit through our love and influence in the lives of others.

God is Our Stronghold and Victory! – April 10, 2016 AM

April 10, 2016

Do you find yourself constantly bothered, offended or “thin-skinned” in the midst of the chaos of our society and culture? Pastor Tim Thomas challenges us to walk in the truth of Psalm 91, not unaffected by what is happening, but realizing the God in whom we trust can give us a supernatural hope and confidence…a