Who is Jesus?: The Power of the Gospel

September 17, 2017

Jesus is…  We can fill that blank with many descriptive words and phrases.  Most importantly, though, is the fact that Jesus is the power of the gospel.  It is His life, in us, that empower change…that transformation that is not possible apart from His intervention in our lives.

The Power of a Transformed Response – August 14, 2016 AM

August 14, 2016

Pastor Tim Thomas continues our, “The Power to Change” series, discussing the need for a transformed response to our circumstances and people. God empowers us to make right choices and walk in holiness, no matter our challenges.

Treasure In Clay Jars

July 19, 2015

Pastor Tim continues our series in 2 Corinthians, reflecting on the exchange of “self” for the “eternal weight of glory” afforded by God to us. Key scripture 2 Corinthians 4:1-12.