In this five-part series, our pastors outline our biblical purpose for existence.

Why Are We Here? A Missional Community, November 8, 2015 PM

November 10, 2015

Continuing our series, “Why Are We Here?” Pastor James visits the initial call/covenant of Abraham to speak to our purpose as a missional community, fulfilling God’s mission of blessing to His creation.

Called to Disciple

October 11, 2015

Pastor James St. John continues to examine the question, “Why are we here?”  This week, we focus in on another non-negotiable: we are called to make disciples of Jesus.  Freedom Church exists to “live” God’s way for God’s glory.  We do that by making disciples.

Called To Worship

July 26, 2015

It’s a question of PURPOSE. Why are we here? Our answers to that question will determine our identity and our effectiveness as a church body. Our first purpose is to WORSHIP the Lord our God.