Preaching from Matthew 6:5-15 and other key scriptures, Pastor James St. John declares prayer is a privilege; prayer is relational; prayer is asking; and prayer is yielding.

Prayer Is Yielding

August 30, 2015

Pastor James brings his series on prayer to a close with a sermon entitled, “Prayer Is Yielding.” The promise and power of prayer, often said to be in our personal boldness or perseverance is actually something else, our level of surrender…our decision to YIELD to God in everything. What does that look like in our

Prayer Is Asking

August 16, 2015

Pastor James continues our series on prayer with, “Prayer IS Asking,” a call to rediscover what it means to truly ASK according to God’s will.

Prayer Is Relational

August 2, 2015

Pastor James St. John continues our series on Prayer with “Prayer is Relational,” a walk through the Lord’s (Disciple’s) Prayer and growing a garden in Hebrews 10.  

Prayer Is A Privilege

July 19, 2015

Prayer is a privilege, provided us by God’s grace through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. Pastor James focuses on Matthew 6:5-6, tonight.

Our Father Wants Us To Pray

June 12, 2015

Pastor James begins a new sermon series on Matthew 6:5-15, entitled, “Our Father Wants Us to Pray.” In this introduction, he gives the outline he will follow over the next few weeks and speaks to the nature of prayer as it relates to God’s grace, our relationship to God and our neighbors, the invitation to