God Is Our Refuge!

September 4, 2016

Pastor Patrick Rainey talks about God’s provision and help in our times of need and God’s protection in our times of trouble.

Leaving a Written Legacy: Journaling

June 30, 2016

Pastor Tim Thomas reviews our ongoing journey through the spiritual disciplines, turning the page and challenging us to begin keeping a written record of God’s work in our lives through journaling, leaving a written legacy for those who come after us.

God is Our Stronghold and Victory! – April 10, 2016 AM

April 10, 2016

Do you find yourself constantly bothered, offended or “thin-skinned” in the midst of the chaos of our society and culture? Pastor Tim Thomas challenges us to walk in the truth of Psalm 91, not unaffected by what is happening, but realizing the God in whom we trust can give us a supernatural hope and confidence…a

5 Keys to an Abundantly Blessed 2016 – January 3, 2016 PM

January 3, 2016

Pastor James gives us 5 keys to having an abundantly blessed new year in 2016. You may be surprised at how simple this really is…this idea of being blessed…according to Psalm 1.

Overcoming Fear, Biblically

September 27, 2015

When does the natural fear response become an issue that hinders us? When fear overtakes us, what are we to do? Pastor James St. John offers 4 biblical ways to face fear and overcome it, in his continuing series, “Be Very Afraid?”.