Who Is Jesus? – A Much Needed Savior

August 13, 2017

Jesus Saves!  We all need a Savior.  No matter our economic condition, race, nationality, current circumstances…we all are in need of our great Savior, Jesus.  Pastor Tim continues our sermon series, “Who is Jesus?”

Experiencing the Power of God’s Grace at His Table

October 20, 2016

Pastor James St. John, continuing our series, “Together: Experiencing the Power of God in Church,” focuses on the gathering of the church at the Lord’s Table as means of His grace.

Get Some Rest! – June 12, 2016 AM

June 12, 2016

Pastor Tim Thomas, continuing our Power to Change series, asks us to reflect on God’s intent for rest as demonstrated through Sabbath and rooted in Creation.

Solitude – Giving Space and Time for God

May 29, 2016

In our busy lives, it is easy to lose focus  and not give God the proper space and time.  Jesus serves as a perfect illustration of why we need solitude and how to make it a priority.  Pastor James St. John continues our series, The Power to Change, focusing on the necessity and delight of

Making the Shift 2016 – Me to We – February 28, 2016 AM

February 28, 2016

Pastor Tim Thomas, continues our “Making the Shift 2016” series, calling us back to family and community…away from a me-centered to we-centered walk of faith.

Making the Shift – Ask to Listen – February 14, 2016 AM

February 14, 2016

Continuing our “Making The Shift 2016” series, Pastor Tim Thomas discusses the prime importance of shifting from asking for human guidance in a time of need. It’s time to listen to God.

Making The Shift – Consumer to Steward – February 7, 2016 AM

February 7, 2016

Pastor Tim Thomas continues our series, Making The Shift, challenging us to remember that God owns it all and graciously gives us stewardship of what He gives us.  That is a real SoulShift, from Consumer to Steward.