This past season at Freedom Tackle Football a valuable lesson was taught to me in a very accidental way. Two opposing coaches had been “jawing” at one another for part of the game, and at FTF this is not allowed. I walked to the middle of the field where the teams were lined up for the next play, and the coaches were still “jawing” at one another; one coach on his side and one coach on his side. I stopped the “jawing” but later realized they were arguing what was best for their particular team or the seven- year-olds in between them. The seven-year-olds were listening to them “jaw,” but they just wanted to play football.
Conservatives and Liberals are guilty of the same game (sorry to even call it a game). Both sides have valid points, but the sides do a lot of talking “over” the vulnerable and lose sight of the real hurt and pain of the vulnerable. Both sides are Elitist! If you call yourself a conservative Christian or a liberal Christian, we all have to be active in touching the vulnerable instead of arguing what president or what party will do the best job to help the vulnerable.
I have been against abortion my whole life because I believe it is murder. I’m pro-life for babies and the murderer on death row. Celebrating death, in either case, is a slippery slope. What have I done to bless that mother who has decided to keep her baby because I told her it was murder? Well, not much! I did serve on the board at Crossroads Pregnancy Center for 11 years and offer a safe place at my church, but that is about it. The Lord spoke to my heart a few months back and said, “If you are going to be against something, you must counterweight it with a blessing.” What, stop talking “over the vulnerable” to my liberal friends? Yes, that is right! Stop talking and pick up a towel of compassion and touch the vulnerable. No more Facebook post that slams a good pro-choice liberal? Yes! Instead, Jesus said to be like him. I have come to serve and not be served! Okay, then what? Jesus said to me, “Go adopt a child!” This will bless the mother that chose adoption (voluntarily or involuntarily) and bless the child! Wow! Being the church that He called us to be! So, Heidi and I have attended two classes with DFACS and are on our way to blessing a child and hopefully the birth mother. I realize everyone is not able to adopt, but you can volunteer at pregnancy centers, sponsor a foster family and give them a night out while you babysit, and maybe give your money to a family who is adopting. No talking over the mother and child to the other side, but actually picking up a towel and serving!
My liberal friends (I have many), I often hear you speaking about taking care of the poor. I mostly hear what president or party (same as the conservatives) will take care of the vulnerable. I will pose the question that Jesus posed to me: “What have you done to help the poor?” Well, I marched on Washington this week and stood up to our new president! I talked over to the other side and told them how they are wrong! Questions! “When have you, my liberal friends, served in a soup kitchen? When have you donated can goods or even picked up a homeless person and dined with them at a restaurant? Why did you sell that car seat for $20 on craigslist instead of donating it to a pregnancy center that gives them to mothers free of charge? Stop talking and pick up a towel of compassion and go and touch that poor person. I challenge you to wipe out their hunger with your hands instead of trusting the government to be the one! No talking “over the poor,” to the other side, but actually pick up a towel and start serving!
The Church of Jesus Christ, please cease placing your trust in government and start doing the compassionate serving! Yes, I will continue to vote for party platforms that help the vulnerable, but I will continue to pick up the towel of compassion and serve those who are vulnerable.
Arguing is self-serving! Jesus said, “I have come to serve and not be served.” Go and do likewise! Shalom!

Pastor Tim

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